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BPI Simulator Spectrum Sensor

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Technical Data

SE981 G1 lowres
  • Current matched set of isotype cells:
  • GaInP channel spectral range: 340 - 700 nm
  • GaAs channel spectral range 700 - 900 nm
  • Optional NIR/SWIR detection: 900 - 1750 nm
  • All cells sealed in hermetic glass/metal enclosure with nitrogen atmosphere.
  • Opening angle of sensors: ± 25 °, suitable for most simulators
  • Detachable collimator tubes for measurement of collimated light

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Using the light simulator spectral sensor, you can

  • Measure how the spectrum of the solar simulator changes during the aging process of a light bulb / flash bulb
  • Determine the right simulator settings to achieve the spectral composition that is needed
  • Monitor the simulator spectrum with every measurement in demanding quality control applications
  • Detect the spectral changes within one single flash from fire to decay and optimize the timing of the IV-curve recording

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Example Measurement


In this example measurement, the spectral change of an ultra short flash has been recording. This is one of the most demanding applications due to the short integration times. Due to the very high response speed of the III-V-Semiconductors employed, the spectral shift during the measurement as well as the total irradiation can be observed. Towards the end the typical red shift of a decaying flashbulb can be seen, which can also be observed by the human eye as the typical red afterglare of a flash.


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