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BPI Sunscanner SC1

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Sunscanner SC1 PMO6-ccSunscanner SC1 PyrheliometerSunscanner SC1 BPIpark

    • First sun tracker that allows the contiuous operation of a PMO6-CC absolute cavity radiometer for the ultimate precision in DNI measurements with direct tracebility to the World Radiometric Reference.

    • Easy mounting of pyrheliometers from Eko, Kipp&Zonen, Huxeflux, etc. with large instrument mounting platform

    • Pyrheliometers can be rotated into a parking dock to protect the aperture window from dust and dirt at night and in cloudy conditions.

    • Two independent elevation axes configuration with two pyrheliometers:
      The first axis contains the reference instrument, the second axis contains the working instrument. The reference instrument remains in the protected dock position during most of the day and is only activated for some minutes to verify and recalibrate the working instrument.

    • Linux based tracker control for secure and easy remote access, easy integration of additional components and high computing power for on-site data processing.

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